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Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: Slashdot Survey 1

Slashdot has a survey concerning the new layout which I think most of you know about by now.

Here's my response to them, ignoring what I think of the layout (you made changes???):

What one thing would you most like to change about Slashdot's layout?

Spelling, punctuation, and dupe checking. Seriously.

What do you feel is missing from the new look and feel of Slashdot?

Layout doesn't matter. There needs to be an API equivalent Digg's so that people can add a "Slashdot This!" link to stories on their site and have it automatically submitted.

What do you find unnecessary on Slashdot?

Pudge's journal. I'd rather he took that energy and candor and pursuit of fact checking to the front page than his journal.

Anything else youd like us to know?

Yeah. Slashdot is not just Rob's blog any more. Treating it as such has caused a serious decline in its usage and meaningfulness on the web, and that's a bad thing.

I can now get almost all my news via bloglines from other sources hours or days before it reaches slashdot. And there's no easy way to post stories to slashdot which is why Digg has taken such a jump ahead.

Seriously, sit down with the slashdot team, discuss who your users are, what you're trying to sell to them (I'm a paying subscriber!!!), and who's paying your salaries.

Bottom line, you're getting paid to do this, treat it as a real job and not some lucky soul's massively popular blog. Slashdot is a business now, deal with it. And shape up and listen to your clients or go out of business.

It would be a shame if slashdot disappeared, but it wouldn't surprise me if you don't clean up your act and start taking things seriously.

Of course it won't be taken the way I mean it to, but that's their problem. Oh well, so much for the dot.

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Slashdot Survey

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  • Nothing anyone can say will change this ship's course. Adding "Slash this!" will be seen as a Digg rip. Social networking? Zoo.pl can't compete any more, it's fucked to death. RSS? Loses eyeballs, even with ads. And so on, and so on. FFS how many years did it take to get a decent CSS thing happening.

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