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Journal FirstNoel's Journal: Week 34 - She's an active little bugger 2

Yesterday we had the shower. Maddy better be a girl, (every picture says she is), we were given a ton of pink dresses. I cheered when it was any other color. We also got 4 or 5 quilts/afghans.

As far as baby progress...She's about 6 lbs (she was 5.5 last week at the doctors, so I'm adding the extra .5). So that puts us at about 8 - 8.5 lbs for a birth weight. That's about what I expected. Amy, obviously would prefer 6.5 to 7 lbs. But as long as Maddy's healthy.

Maddy is an active little thing, we can see her moving around, kind of neat and freaky at the same time.

Our stress level has dropped considerably. Amy got her last shot this morning, so after this week any thing goes. I'm starting to get excited about this, it's still difficult though. All the "what-if's" keep popping into my mind. I want to be prepared for everything, but that's not possible or practical.

Maddy's room is mostly finished. We have the psychedelic mobile hanging on the cribs, funky colors and swirls, plus it plays Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. The crib and dresser are put together, the only thing we need to do yet it put the crib sheet on.

The cats are starting to sense the changes. Tarot, the english gentleman cat, will not like the loud noises or distruptions. However my guess is he'll be cordial to Maddy. Gigi, Surf-punk kitty, I'm not sure, she can handle the noise, but she gets pissy {angry pissy}. I've had her hiss at me just for looking at her. She doesn't swat with claws much anymore, but she still makes me nervous about how she'll deal with Maddy. Hopefully she'll just escape to the basement or under the bed. I can see her being interested in Maddy's toys. The cat steals Amy's pony-tail holders, she physically opens the drawer and pulls them out. I think there are about 20 scattered through out the house. We have to find them all before Maddy starts to crawl.

I'd love to find a Cesar Millon for cats, I don't think that person exists.

So to sum of Week 34, Everybody is good, Doctors are happy.

I'm picking Oct 27th as the birthday. The only reason for the date is that 27 is common number to "Weird Al" albums. No other reason.


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Week 34 - She's an active little bugger

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