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Journal BandwidthHog's Journal: Slashdot Deleting Comments? 1

I noticed something weird today. I often read slashdot threads once they’ve matured a bit, as I can often pick up a lot of useful information once the moderation system (such as it is) has done its work and some thoughtful discussions have taken place over a few days. But that’s not the weird part.

The weird part is that the front page summary for a particular article, which has been cached locally by Opera for some time now, shows 300 comments. Yet when I hit the thread itself, there are 299 comments at the -1 threshold. What gives?

Granted, I have only a passing familiarity with the internals of Slash, but what I do know fails utterly to explain such a thing. I know some of the people that may see this have a better understanding of the guts of this thing; do any of you know how to explain a mismatch like this?

Now here’s my favorite part, the (slight) irony: the article in question is one on fake news stories.

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Slashdot Deleting Comments?

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