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critiques/commentary anyone?

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  • The Bush Administration wasn't being tyranical enough. Going into Afghanistan, we should have had a two additional rules of engagement:
    1. Don't take live prisoners
    2. Don't let the Taliban escape.

    If we had done those two things, we would have had a definite kill of Bin Laden back in December 2001, and we wouldn't have Gitmo problems now, because if you don't take prisoners you won't have a problem with rights for prisoners.

    The way I see it, all along the Bush Administration and everybody else has been sel
    • I believe Afghanistan was th egood fight for the right reasons, and that Bush's turning away from it at the pivotal in Tora Bora was a grevious mistake which resulted in the needless deaths of many many more humans.

      A primary reason for my belief that Afghanistan was the good fight is one not often stated, because neither the right or the left will advance it: It was our late in the game cold war pissing contest with The Soviet in Afghanistan that is in a very large way responisble for their devolution into

      • And the only thing I can say in response is that Paul didn't have to deal with Torquemunda- or Mohammed. Systems of reason can be so incompatible that there is no way to deal with them without adopting the other person's system of reason; that would be why we should have a "take no prisoners" attitude with al Qaeda/The Taliban/the Iraqi Insurgerncy/whomever takes the anti-reason opinion that conversion by the sword is correct.

        Their system of reason is incompatible with ours completely. Paul's system only

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