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Journal leoPetr's Journal: Anaheim 2

Should I suddenly find myself in Anaheim (Los Angeles) this October, would any of you folks be in the area of a meet-up?:P

Also, I've decided to move my journal posting over to my LiveJournal. Sorry, but not posting in two places makes my life substantially easier. It allows me to post things as I happen on them instead of making large digests to minimize the pain of posting in two places. Slashdot is very sluggish these days.

If you don't like LiveJournal, your distaste is probably dated. The bad crowd of the late 90s has moved over to MySpace and FaceBook. The calibre of posts is high, at least in the crowd that I run in.

Regardless, you can just subscribe to the newsfeed.

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  • I have been thinking for a while that social sites need to be able to pull content from each other so that multiple sites aren't such a pain to manage. Of course they won't because they want the users to be locked in. :-(

    Anyway, I am now subscribed to your feed (yay, Atom).
    • by leoPetr ( 926753 )
      Yup. Feeds partly alleviate the problem because you can get updates from all social sites in one central place (ie. bloglines []), but you still need to register at each if you want your proper name on the post.

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