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Journal Blackneto's Journal: So i'm on a cruise ship 9

So i'm on this cruise ship heading to alaska and all i can find to do is post this JE.

hope your day is going as good as mine.

For the nosey, Me and Mrs. Neto are on the ms Volendam.
kids are supposedly safe at home with thier grandmother.

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So i'm on a cruise ship

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  • ... don't get eaten by a grizzly while you are up there. I expect pictures and good stories when you return!
  • by bethanie ( 675210 ) *
    I wanna know what little nuggets of wisdom you left them in case you hit an iceberg or whatever. C'mon -- spill it.

  • this was all you could find to do? What kind of cruise line is that? I didn't have (nor want) internet or cell service while I was on my cruise. And if I'd had it, I would only have used it the one day that we skirted the edge of a hurricane and couldn't go outside.
    • No it's not all i could find to do. But it's cold and misty out there. And as I'm typing this i'm watching a glacier go by outside the window.

      • Ah. Yeah, I guess a cruise to Alaska and a cruise in the Bahamas are a little different. ;-) Enjoy the glaciers!
  • I am extremely terrified of cruise ships. It's like some weird pathological fear. The mention of them makes me nervous.

    • weren't you a Marine? if so you probably got that fear because like my dad whenever he got on a ship he ended up shooting at little brown people.
      • by banky ( 9941 )
        It's just cruise ships. It's something about floating hotels, I dunno. No other form of water transport scares me.

        I guess you could say it's a conceptual fear, as opposed to a tangible one.

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