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Journal Czarina Burrito's Journal: Insurance Companies are Slimy 6 sister's family was in an accident on August 13. They were rear-ended. Very clearly the fault of the girl who failed to depress her break at any point before the impact. Their truck was totaled and they lost their dog. They had just put $800 worth of tires on it the week before. Her insurance company (State Farm) refused to accept liability for the accident until the first week of September.

New vehicles are released on September 1. The value of their truck (totalled in August, remember?) dropped by $525 immediately upon release of the 2007 model year trucks.

Cute, yes?

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Insurance Companies are Slimy

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) * on Monday September 11, 2006 @11:23AM (#16081207) Homepage Journal
    I wish there were more non-profit insurance companies. Instead of their #1 goal being to extract as much cash as possible from people, their goal could instead be (*gasp*) to provide insurance coverage for people, so they could get new cars or have that life-saving operation as the need arose.
  • I told my insurance lacky that I didn't like his offer and I was going to sit in his office until he provided a number I did like. After an hour of me yelling at him, he caved. How patient are they and how creative are they at coming up with mean comments? BTW, I dumped them for another company as soon as I cashed the check.
    • They didn't accept the first offer. My sister was handling all of the calling, but she finally just snapped one time and handed the phone to my brother-in-law who possibly proceeded to make the insurance agent cry. I completely understand her frustration and realize that the "you will give me a number I like" thing doesn't always work. If anybody could have convinced her to give up more money, it would be my sister. She is a pretty stubborn and brutal negotiator. She went back to the insurance company
      • FK says State Farm in Ohio is the best he's ever had. State Farm in GA seems to have trouble understanding how to set up autodraft for premiums. Maybe the State Farms differ from state to state.
        • I'm mostly hearing about State Farm from the perspective of people who were injured by State Farm's insured*, which is, I suppose, slightly different than people who are insured by State Farm. For reference, I know that nobody has had trouble getting a pay-out from my insurance company (Farmers) when the fault clearly lies with the Farmers-insured party. I probably pay a little more to be insured by people bordering on human, but I'll take it. I mean, seriously...they were rear-ended by a driver that was

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