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Journal Some Woman's Journal: Macy's tries to buy our love in addition to our Dayton's 4

Museum Adventure Pass! Macy's totally rocks at buying love. This list reads like a comprehensive collection of all of the things in St. Paul and That Other City that I've been meaning to do but just haven't. And it's free! I'm a sucker for free museums.

Publicly available to janeowit- pick a first and second choice from the list and I'll check out a pass. The loan period is 7 days and only one per person can be checked out per loan period, which is kind of unfortunate, so choose wisely!

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Macy's tries to buy our love in addition to our Dayton's

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  • We don't have Daytons out here; are they related to Fields? I know that they're all bought out by Macys/Federated these days...
    • Daytons* and Marshall Fields were both a part of Dayton Hudson Corporation. After the name of the company was changed to Target Corporation, all Daytons were changed to Marshall Fields in 2001, but they pretty much carried the same stuff. It was just a name thing. Many locals never got used to calling it Marshall Fields, and it will always be Daytons to them. The original Daytons in Minneapolis is as much an iconic landmark as the original Marshall Fields in Chicago.

      Target Corporation recently sold off
  • Do you know if they will still do the great Christmas displays in the downtown store? I have such fond memories of those...

    You can check out a pass to Como zoo, don't people know that there's only a suggested donation, so it technically is free?

    On to the buying of my love. I would be head over heels happy to go to any of these places, so please put in your two sense so we'll both have a great time! And if you really want to go to the Museum of Russian Art, or the Kelley farm (which sounds like forced labor
    • Historic Murphy's Landing is one of those Ye Olde places they make you go to for school when it's 30 below zero if you live close enough to it.

      I'd like to use my weekly pass for the zoo at some point, but maybe not this weekend. Two weekends from now perhaps? That one will probably be really popular and hard to get a pass for, though. Especially since both the zoo and my library card are native to Dakota County. Wow. The zoo now costs $12 with $5 for parking. I still can't believe that there aren't an

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