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Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: Am I the only one who feels no sympathy for Steve Irwin? 5

I mean, sure it sucks when anyone dies. But frankly, I'm more surprised he lived this long than anything else.

And really, wouldn't he have rather been killed by some vicious animal than like, plaque in his arteries? It's how he would have wanted to go!

The man stuck his head in crocodile mouths people! The fact that he survived his first time is astonishing, not alone that he got rich off a career of doing "don't do this at home" type stunts which most people would die from.

I hope the Darwin awards give this guy some kind of special honor for staving off death so long. And plus, in the pantheon of ways to die like a man, I think this guy just skyrocketted to first place by "getting stabbed in the chest by a stingray."

I feel for his wife and kid, but as for him -- I'm neither surprised nor sympathetic. You do stuff like that (particularly on a routine basis), you get dead.

I just wish it had been a crocodile which did him in. I would have loved that extra helping of irony.

So am I being insensitive?

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Am I the only one who feels no sympathy for Steve Irwin?

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  • The man stuck his head in crocodile mouths people!

    References? From the times I've seen him around crocodiles, he may have taken a few calculated risks, but I've never seen him turn conservation into a circus act like that.

  • How do you get a stingray stuck in your chestg anyway?
    • Apparently it was just an amazing stroke of bad luck that the angle was exactly right to get between his ribs and pierce his heart. I guess people get stung by these all the time, but he's only the second Australian known to have been killed by one.

      I agree that it's sad he went, but it's amazing that he's lasted this long. Unfortunately, he's ineligible for the Darwin Award because he already has two kids so his genes have been passed on.
  • he had incredible enthusiasm for animals and conservationism. he was a positive force in this world--by promoting a huge sense of wonder and appreciation to creatures that a lot of people think of as "gross". he showed the amazing diversity of life on the planet and for that we should all be grateful IMO.

    i'm really bummed. :(
  • So am I being insensitive?

    I think SamTheButcher summed it up beautifully when he said that Erwin went out doing what he loved. I would not call what you have stated as insensitive, but instead more realistic. The man took some risks and he did some things that most balanced people would never consider doing. And he loved it. This time it sounds like he became an unfortunate statistic. It's unfortunate, but he put himself in that position and he knew the risks (even though in this specific situation it s

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