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Journal rickymoz's Journal: Connecting Windows 3.11 to the internet... (to the what?)

Another afternoon lost. Well not completely, but still, I couldn't achieve what I wanted to.

I have that old computer from 1993 or 1994. Connected to it is a Mikrotec ScanMaker II via SCSI. I use it occasionally, less since I have my digital camera. But still, it's annoying to have to start up Windows 3.11 just for scanning pictures. And then keep them small enough to be able to copy them on a floppy and take them over to my new computer.

So my goal today was to take the SCSI card out of that old box and put it into my new one. For sure I would find the appropriate driver for Linux. But... The SCSI card didn't match on my new computer: the card is bigger than the thing where I have to plug it into, and that same thing is not at the same distance from the back of the box. Ok, put it back to the old box.

Then I remembered I had somewhere an ethernet card. Hey, I could build it into the old box, so I could finally test Netscape 3.0 on it... Of course, that would also allow me to shift around data with much less pain.

Since I have only one ethernet cable, I couldn't yet try to connect the computers together, but I could try to connect them to the internet, alternatively.

Ok, so I figured out how to set up the network on Windows 3.11 ("for workgroups"). But wait, why doesn't it connect to the internet? Ah yes, TCP/IP is not configured. How do I do that? Well, I found the needed files on microsoft and figured out how to install them. Ok, but still no work.

What remains to do? backup the valuable data I still have on that old old box and then install some Linux on it. Let's see when I find another free afternoon to lose my time on.

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Connecting Windows 3.11 to the internet... (to the what?)

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