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Journal AntiFreeze's Journal: [Auto Mechanics] I just didn't get it. 4


My car's been dead for almost 3 weeks now (if not a month).

The mechanic was supposed to fix my car, it was supposed to be ready early this week. I gave him $600 in cash two weeks ago (he came highly recommended by a friend) and I was supposed to pay the remainder once the car was ready.

I called on Tuesday to see the status, and he said he still hadn't ordered the engine, but he would and the car would be ready Friday, and I'd need to bring the rest of the money on Friday.

Now it's Friday, and I've called him, and he _still_ hasn't ordered the engine because he can't order it until I pay him the remainder of the balance.


This was my first car (this is what happens when you live in NYC for too long and then go elsewhere), and I guess I just didn't really get auto mechanics. I should have known. And I should have called every day instead of letting things go and calling at the end when I was told it would be ready.

I'm going crazy, I've been weeks without a car, I haven't shopped for food in ages and am completely out of everything at home... grrr.

Sorry for all the ranty/bitchy JEs lately, it's just been a frustrating month for me.

Thanks for pretending to listen ;)

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[Auto Mechanics] I just didn't get it.

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  • It seems that this mechanic doesn't have any sort of credit line with his suppliers, and doesn't have much in the way of cash on hand.

    That I can understand, but he should've been upfront to say so to you Tuesday and not play these games. Alas, you're pretty much stuck with him this time, but I wouldn't be back if I were you.

    So you decided to go ahead and fix the POS?

    • No, I'd demand my $600 back and go somewhere else. If he refuses tell him your lawyer will be in contact shortly. He'll prolly make it right when you say that. If not, burn his shop down.
      • Contractors with no financial clues. Not uncommon to see it in construction where one job pays for the previous gig. Stay clear next time...
  • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
    your car sucks.

    Oh man that's going to give me bad carma.

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