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Journal Abm0raz's Journal: Saw Snakes on a Plane (no spoilers) 3

I haven't been to a movie theater since I was dragged against my will to see Gladiator. Before that I was drug against my will to see Star Wars:EP1 and Happily Ever After. I don't give money to cartels, err, the MPAA if I can help it.

But tonight, I went to see S.o.a.P.


No spoilers, but I will say, it was twice as good as I expected, and I figured it'd be good. The only complaints I have are:
      1. It starts REALLY SLOWLY.
      2. They never show the actual killing the witness saw, but show every other gruesome death.
      3. The only death I coulda done without is the guy who gets trampled to death.

Those are just little things, over all the movies was great. I give it 4 out of 5 snakes up!


ps. don't bother staying for the video for the theme sone afterwards. It's awful. The highlite is a few, slight "side of boob" shots of the emaciated female in the band who looks like an anorexic Courtney Love in the middle of a heroin bender.

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Saw Snakes on a Plane (no spoilers)

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  • Keep in mind (I saw it and I, too, thought it rocked) that if you are going to see it, you need to see it with the right audience. People should be cheering and laughing and stuff like that. So make sure you bring a big group of friends to watch this movie. Its over the top and should be treated as such.

    And if you listen to the music video [], it starts with the biggest line in the movie (to which the crowd should raise hell and cheer).
    • by lithron ( 88998 )
      The music video also has a shout out to Snakes on a Blog, the website that helped launch the internet phenomenon.
    • I'm taking some rubber snakes to the theater when I see it. I may be arrested for Inciting a Riot, so I'll call you with details so you can post a JE for me. :-)

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