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Journal FirstNoel's Journal: Ending Week 27...and Aug 17th 2

Well yesterday came and went.

Amy and I took the day to prepare flowers for Zach's stone. We got him some "Little People" giraffes for a present. We connect certain animals to him. Giraffes and Cardinals. Cardinals because on the morning before we lost him Amy remembers hearing cardinals out side chirping. In an esoteric way we feel that was him saying goodbye then.

Giraffes? I'm not sure why. But we think of him when we see them.

It was touch and go yesterday. There were moments I thought I'd lose it again, but Amy and I seem to hold each other up pretty well.

Some weird coincidences, we had ordered a dresser for Madelyn. It came yesterday on Zach's birthday. Also we had birthing classes last night, at the hospital. Exactly 1 year later we were back to the scene of "crime". That was a weird feeling.

As for week 27, as of this past Monday Amy is on bed rest. Not the extreme type, just the stay off your feet, take it easy, and no going to work.

She seems to be progressing a little faster than the baby. So the docs gave her beta-something or other to help the baby's lungs develop sooner, just in case. But over all she seems well, baby is well. Maddy is kicking and moving, good heartbeat.

According to one of the tests the docs did, we have atleast 2 more weeks before problems could happen. I say atleast, I'm guessing in 2 weeks they'll do the test again. They were looking for some labor hormome, they didn't find it. So we have till about week 30.

Amy seems to think that Maddy will make her grand entrance at week 34. I'm saying the end of week 37. I hope I'm right.

Still haven't gotten the crib together. Maybe week 30.


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Ending Week 27...and Aug 17th

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  • Put that stuff together. You've seen heartbeats and stuff, this baby is coming and will be healthy. Its obvious why you are trying to distance yourself from getting attached, but you'll want to know that everything is done to help calm yourself. Put together the crib, put together the dresser, get the overnight bag packed. Be ready. It will calm yourself to know that you are ready for this child.
  • I have thought of you the last days - I didn't know exactly when you lost Zach, but I knew it was mid-August. We almost lost our first son, who was born dead but could be revived after minutes that seemed like hours, so at least I have a faint idea what you and your wife have been through, and I've thought of you a lot in the past year. You are much stronger than I could have been.

    I second FortKnox - assemble that crib, pack the bag. Allow yourself to believe all will be well, and it will. I'm sure everyone

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