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Journal krow's Journal: Thus Far 1

Article from the BBC about a lack of female game testers for Tomb Raider. I suspect they never looked in Seattle...

Al Qaida mails out tapes to make sure everyone knows they are still around. I still suspect Bin Laden is alive and that he won't come out of hiding till he can screw the election for Bush. Mixed emotions about that one.

$355.4 billion defense bill. Its Christmas time in the military despite the fact that they didn't get what they wanted. Instead the hardware that was pushed came from an MBA and some of his father's cronies. Wonder how much pork is probably in that bill?

"Tuck Everlasting" is out. I adored the book as a kid. Salon is calling the movie "neo-vampire" and creepy. That is not how I remembered the book, but it doesn't sound bad either. Looks like the reviewer half way through the article tries to backtrack on saying this.

Not that I am really biased, nor would I say that the Seattle Times is biased, but why is their Sport's Editor flaming Ellison in the paper today? Seems a little odd. Boat racing is a very easy sport to loathe.

Human guinie pigs and how the French have turned a three year old into a not so quite Leukemia patient. I wonder if before we are done, if we will create at least one new crazy plague that wipes out a hundred thousand or more because of gene therapy.

So the motion for giving Shrub the keys to the car was 77-23. I am surprised that it was that low, but happy. I need to find out which senators need to be sent thank yous.

Looks like Cheney made a lot of money propping up the Iraqi government right before he got elected. Tells me the value of his robotic handshake (yes, I think he is in a room somewhere breathing out of a tube and that Disney is supplying the robotics to make a dummy they can hoist out for special events).

Fear the mouse...

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Thus Far

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  • that defence bill is 1/6th of our total cash!

    So in my tax bracket, I get reduced by about 15% - 20% (or so) from my gross income. That means several hundres (if not thousands) of US dolars (from my income alone) is going to some defence contractor some place. This is not to mention the black-budget cash that certain goverment agencies get totally off the books, like the kind of money made from seeling armes to the columbians, CIA drug smugeling operations, etc..etc... Those black-operatins, such as the former black National Space spi agency thingy, the NSA, etc...

    So in total it might be 400 or 500 billions instead of the puny 300'ish billions!

    As far as ellison goes... damn fool needs to consider that loading a sail-boat with supercomputers is not going to make it go any faster, and I can see a oracle DB helping him only in finite amounts. All the fluid dynamics, water simulations, advance cad drafting, carbon fibre, etc... is kinda over-kill! Him and the other billionairs in the race have rubed out the little guys who probably sail for fun, and pleasure, yet now that have no chance of winning (or maybe they do?). I think spending a 100 Million per race is crazy, and that monies might be spent better inventing some crazy red-october magnetic propultion system for the boats.


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