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Journal Pirogoeth's Journal: Saying Goodbye to the Classic(s) 2

After a couple odd crashes, I finally decided to reinstall MacOS X 10.4 on my Powerbook, which is actually the first time I've done a full reinstall since I got it over two years ago.

It was really starting to run pokey. I'd get the Spinning Beachball of Doom more frequently than I should, /Library/Preferences was chock full of plist files from long-departed apps. I've have various networking apps on there, such as Cisco VPN which I've deleted, but who knows where they might still be poking about. MySQL was set to run as a service. I had the Developer Tools installed. And I still had Classic installed, which only got used if I popped in a really old game for one of the kids.

I finally bit the bullet and did the Total Reinstall, not the Archive and Install. The initial installation was quick and painless. It took longer to download all the updates for everything.

It was almost blunder-free, compared to when I did the same for my desktop awhile back. I remembered to deauthorize iTunes first. I remembered to grab my Quicktime Pro registration code. I remembered to save all my Safari bookmarks. I've since switched over to IMAP, so I didn't have to worry about saving my mail. Too bad about that, as I probably would have remembered to save my Address Book contacts. At least those I can recover between my cell phone and the other computer.

The thing screams now. (once all the Spotlight indexing was finished...) I watched a movie at full-screen and it didn't seem to get as hot on the bottom as it used to.

The only hitch I'm having right now is getting my RAZR (Verizon) working with it again. I'm able to connect to the phone to up/download pictures and MP3s, but I can't seem to get the phone to act as a modem which I was able to do before. I don't know if I'm not using the same modem driver as before or what.

At any rate, while it's no MacBook Pro, it almost feels like a whole new computer!

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Saying Goodbye to the Classic(s)

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  • i just might have to do this with my powerbook (which is 3 years old). i've never had to do a full re-install. in fact, i've only been keeping up with the patches, and i did do the upgrade to 10.4. but yeah, i do see the beachball a lot more, especially when i go between eclipse and firefox... firefox has a nasty habbit of not responding.

    but, this sounds like a good idea. i have several external back up drives so i have no real good excuse, aside from the time involved not to do this.

    i sure would like to pl
    • dear blinders

      rememebr when we were talking about the laptop, and you said it needed a good scrubbing? Well, now you don't have to worry about it- i did it for you!

      I took all the devices you said needed cleaning, and they're in the dishwasher. Except for the cables, power converters, and the dvd player- those are in the washing machine, with extra bleach!

      It didn't take nearly as long as you thought it would. By the way, i also patched the server. I used iron-on denim, i was out of plain cotton.


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