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Journal FirstNoel's Journal: Week 26, still going strong 3

So far so good. Lots of sonnagrams, and everything is looking good.

Madelyn Joi. I think that's what we are going to go with for a name. My brother, a comic book guy, said, "MJ, where's Spidey?". I'll probably call her that on occasion, MJ, not Spidey.

It's kind of weird now, we're further along than where we were last time. So it's all new from here on out. I'm still a little skittish about putting the crib together. I think that may end up being a little emotional.

We did order the dresser/hutch thingy, so that's something else to put together. I may put that up before the crib. Something about that crib, it being Zach's, I just have to get past that.

Zach's birthday is coming up next week, August 17th. The closer I get to it the more I think about him, the day, Amy...the whole unfairness of the situation. We wanted him, he wanted to live, everybody was denied their wish. But now we have Madelyn to look towards, care for, love, teach... Damn, I hope we don't screw her up.

Amy is doing really well, she looks good, sounds good. Her birthday was yesterday, 29, she's dreading next year. She's done some shopping, we now have a plethora of dresses, and shoes. They only thing getting to her is the heat, but we do have AC.

Something weird, we started birthing classes last week. Yeah, we've already been through one birth, but we never got the classes. According to the class instructors they want you to be 30 weeks before attending the classes. They should start them sooner, at like week 14 or something.

My idea:

Group 1: Week 10 - week 20
Talk Nutrition, and upcoming changes, possible danger signs, problem pregnancies.

Group 2: Week 21 - Week 32
Talk Baby development progress, upcoming changes, intro to breathing, vaginal/Cesarian birth.

Group 3: Week 33 - week 37
Talk Labor, baby positions, first weeks of baby care, Relaxation techniques during labor.

Spread the classes out. Right now they talk about nutrition to women who are 35 weeks along...duh, should have talked to them at the beginning. With Zach, if we had been aware of some of the danger signs that they discussed we might have been able to save him, but our classes didn't start to about 2 weeks after he was born. To late, sorry please play again.

Yep, I'm still angry, hurt, sad (maybe depressed, Amy thinks so, and she should know). But I, I will survive...yada yada yada.

Sean D.

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Week 26, still going strong

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  • That things are going well. I had been thinking that it was time for another update. :-) Best wishes for the rest of the journey; you are in my prayers.
  • the thing i liked about the classes was figuring out what the hospital procedures were, where i needed to park, etc. we'd already been reading and all that for the other stuff. the breathing bit was wasted on us. i didn't watch the videos. it just seems too personal to me. i'm sure it is helpful to some, but i couldn't do it.
  • First anniversary sucks. Second anniversary sucks, but maybe not so much (can't really tell for sure, too busy with many other things that suck). But having another baby on the way, even with all the new ground and fears, should help mitigate at least *some* of that. Best of luck, we're pulling for ya.

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