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Journal Hiro Antagonist's Journal: Ignorance and apathy. 6

Wow. I'm amazed that I've been on /. as long as I have, and that I hadn't even *noticed* this little code update -- namely, the bit with the journals, and with my Karma going from "50" to "Excellent."

Wow. I guess that's a pretty lame way to start a Journal entry, and while I wish I had something more interesting to say, I...don't. My life revolves pretty much around work, school, and a few hobbies, and I don't have anything really interesting to say about it. Nobody has tried to shoot me recently, I haven't been infected with the Ebola virus and raped by a horde of rampaging green pygmies, and I haven't invented supertoast.

I don't go out much. I stopped smoking. I don't drink like a fish anymore. I just stoped caring about trying to have a good time and just started...relaxing. No religious epiphany (well, I did give up on religion, but that's another topic). No sudden desire to "make things better." No life-shattering experience that made me want to change. I just...did.

Life is odd sometimes.

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Ignorance and apathy.

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  • Heh, you just now noticed that?

    Consequently then, you might wonder how you got me as a fan. (Did you even know about fans?) You were involved in this very long religious debate a few months back, and I liked what both you and the person you were arguing with were saying.

    That and I figured anybody with a SnowCrash-inspired handle had to be ok.

    I quit smoking on Tuesday. I feel pretty good right now, but I know it's going to be a big pain once I go out on Saturday night.

    Funny enough, I started changing for what I thought was no particular reason too... then I started to think about who I've been hanging out with. You become a lot like your friends. I'm just lucky all my friends are better than me because it inspires me to be better to myself... sleep more, eat healthier, drink less, quit smoking, etc.
    • I actually was wondering about that...I didn't realize I had any fans at all. <sarcasm> *sniff* *sniff* You love, me, you really love me! *sob* </> Glad to hear I made a positive impression; I tend to feel like I come off like a foaming-at-the-mouth atheist sometimes when I debate, and I'm glad to hear that wasn't the case this time.

      I think the friends/foes thing is an interesting new aspect to Slashdot; not quite as nice as being able to Paypal beer, pizza, or coffee, but close.

      I'm addicted to Neil Stephenson. What can I say? Now all I want is for my recent-ex to hand back my copy of Cryptonomicon...I introduced her to Stephenson, and she has the tenacity to steal my book in return. Shame on her. *grin*

      Congrats on quitting smoking; I'm a recent quitter myself, and I've had to almost totally sacrifice my social life because of it -- you don't realize how much you come to integrate cigarettes into your life until you don't have them. I don't have a problem with the nicotine addiction (thankfully), but it's social situations -- like going out on a Saturday night -- that have thwarted all of my previous non-smoking attempts.

      Good luck! Piece of advice -- don't drink. It's a lot easier to turn down a cigarette from that cute MOTAS when you're not under the influence of a couple of appletinis.
      • I was introduced to Stephenson by an ex-boyfriend myself, but I at least bought my own books... I think he may actually still have my SnowCrash though... he borrowed it to re-read it... hmmm... must check.

        MOTAS? Man on the ____ _____?
        • MOTAS = Member Of The Appropriate Sex. Not to be confused with "Man On The Aggrivaged Snail", "Moaning Over Thy Angered Sphincter", or "Monkeys Officially Trained As Senators."

          Your .signature -- my Latin is nonexistent, but I'll have a go: "If it's not in Google, it doesn't exist." Correct, or am I way off?

          Snow Crash was my favorite, and hers as well; I even bought her a copy, but dumped her before I had a chance to give it to her (I discovered a few things about our relationship that were on my very-not-kosher list).

          If we're going to continue to have a conversation (not that I'm opposed; it's keeping me from shipping bombs to the Sendmail team), I have an email address:

          • Eek... Umm... in case the handle didn't give it away... I'm a female. And the best way to get a female running is to suggest that she start emailing you privately. That said, I won't be doing that b/c I don't have any anonymous email accounts set up, dnd while I suppose I could set one up, I'd really rather not.

            Although I'm sure you're a fine enough fellow. You should check out my journal.

            Yep. Correct Latin. But my Latin is really bad, so there's likely a small mistake somewhere...

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