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Journal Migor's Journal: October is the month of true love.

Migor is wistful surrounding the month of October. It is the month of love, and for Migor, every October is like the entire summer of 1969 every year. But it is not the summer of love, it is the month of love for Migor and Migor alone.

Migor is married for all time to Migor's lovely wife Gigor, but Migor is not married to Gigor in the month of October. So says the law of Migor which is quite explicit:

and so, during the month of love which IS the month of October and not another one of the many months which I do not remember the names of, all marriages that I am in be it One or Twelve or a billion are null and void except until the time when the month of October is completed and not beforehand under penalty which I will determine. I who is Migor who is mighty has spoken

No beast or creature which may crawl or walk or fly through the mighty vast reaches of outer space may disobey the word of Migor which Migor has allowed to be printed here for you who sits upon the puny Earth Internet to read. Such has been commanded by Migor.

And so, Migor does become wistful and flirtatious during this lovely of loveliest of months which is October. This morning Migor did awaken from a hang over upon the battle bridge of Migor's mighty space ship which does fly through space. Migor had been drinking and carousing the bars which are in the heart of the most Trendy nightclub district of Tarvon 14.

Migor did meet a woman who was a bi-ped and who did look not unlike a human. Migor did discover her name was Tina. At this time, that song by the band which Migor does not remember the name of but is called 'Lola'. And when the song reached the part where they sing 'lo-lo-lo-la-lola' Migor did begin to break dance. Migor is so talented at break dancing that if Migor does a back-spin with too much force, black holes are created.

This did impress Tina. The hypnotic movements of Migor's break dancing made Tina become Migor's love slave. Migor then took her out and bought her dinner. Then Migor took Tina to the pet shop and did buy her a pet Asian who was named Mao. Migor then did buy a cage for Mao and the two did laugh at the funny squeaking sounds that came from Mao which Tina thought sounded like a puny Earth language which is called Chinese. This did make Tina laugh more.

Then Migor did take Tina upon Migor's mighty bed and Migor did copulate with the female while Mao did squeak and scream as it did watch from it's cage. This did annoy Migor so Migor did vaporize Mao. This did make Tina cry. So Migor finished Migor's copulation and did vaporize Tina.

At this point Migor was spent, and Migor did look around the room at the vaporized Asian and the vaporized Tina and Migor was pleased.

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October is the month of true love.

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