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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: May my computer, the cray-MPIII RIP 1

May the cray-MPIII rest in peace.

I put in the new ram last night and as soon as I turned on the machine I smelled burned silicon and the machine never booted. I swear I inserted the dimm memory module properly. The AGP video card was mostly in the way but both ends of the bank clipped on the ram module. ... or so I thought??

Maybe the ram chip fried since it was underclocked? But underclocking it wont destroy it or my memory controller in my computer.

I put the old ram chip back in and zip... nada. Then since I toggled the video card I decided to swap the video card again. still no luck.

Its dead jim.

My monitor has been going out on occasion due to a damaged video cord. I wonder if the monitor is the culprit? If I had a brain I would not have been lazy and not put a pc speaker in my system. Without the beeps I dont know what the computer is doing at all.

THere is a computer guy I know at work and according to him, he thinks my whole system is fried. Likely the memory controller is out. But that doesn't make sense at all. I will try to recover my system again tomorrow morning with an older monitor to see what the culprit is.

This is really bad since I have critical files like my Itunes music collection on the system and its encrypted and DRMed galore to prevent me from transfering the music to another system. Damn hollywood always loves to accuse its users as pirates. My Ipod still has the music but refuses to play it since it thinks I am a different user. To fix it I need to sync to my now dead computer. What can I do? For one I am thinking of throwing my Ipod away and refusing to ever download music online again. I hate buying crappy waayyy overpriced cd's but I do have consumer rights like uh, backing up my music... WOW what a novel concept! You mean I can listen to my own music without my own equipment denying me fair use? Who would of that of that? When it comes to MP3 players I would have to say stay far away from Ipods. This Ipod is becoming a real nightmare.

I have another memory module for this notebook and I now have a fear of installing it on it. I dont want 2 dead computers.

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May my computer, the cray-MPIII RIP

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  • by grub ( 11606 )

    ... try booting the hard disk in another computer. You'll probably get problems with devices not found or whatever but it should get running to the point that you can use the iPod.
    If you think it's salvagable try popping out the battery and resetting the bios. Although I think the smell of burnt machine may preclude that. :)


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