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Journal forged's Journal: EU to grow to 25 member countries in 2004 11

"Thirteen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 10 states have been deemed ready to join the European Union. The historic move would enlarge the EU to 25 nations by 2004", report CNN and the BBC.

Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta and Cyprus -- have been deemed ready to compete inside the EU's single market from 2004 following often painful economic and social reforms.

Bulgaria and Romania have been given a date of 2007, but Turkey has been left out until the country establishes a better human rights record...

Update: some more links to ABC News - Voice of America - Deutsche Welle - Radio Free Europe - Radio Netherlands - Forbes

Meanwhile, the editors don't think this is important news (after all, it isn't for geeks) ( * 2002-10-09 18:15:48 EU to grow to 25 member countries in 2004 (articles) (rejected)), but tend to think that we care for what's in this guy's toolbox or if some senator gets sued for $80. You may also notice that /. doesn't even have a EU section yet. Pathetic.

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EU to grow to 25 member countries in 2004

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  • Damn... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jawtheshark ( 198669 )
    ....and I just was getting used to 15. What made me pissed too is that I never got to see all the cute Finnish and Swedisch chicks at the European School where I went. I believe they joined the year after I graduated.
    Some of the countries in the list are not ready to be taken into the European Union, I think. Let's just hope that the EU burocracy chooses wisely.
    • Most countries listed aren't ready yet to become part of the EU, IMHO. But we shall see. I am no PhD in Economy so I really can't tell better. Perhaps they have arguments in favor (it was said on the news that one of the Balkans country, but I forgot which one, is better prepared now than Portugal was then)...
  • Dude, you really thought I was a chick?

    I thought my posts were a little more testosterone-fueled than that.

    Ah well.

    I have nothing to add to the discussion, except to ask if you think this is a good thing?

    Also, I don't necessarily like it, but the US-centricness of /. is probably why your post got rejected.
    • Sorry to have thought you were a chick. Through the small screen, it is kinda difficult to tell if that's testosterone or oestrogene ;)

      Anyway, yeah I think a EU section is a great idea. We'll have to settle on the number of stars (12? 15? 25?) but I don't see why Editors shouldn't do it !

  • by kipple ( 244681 ) on Wednesday October 09, 2002 @06:33PM (#4420241) Journal you have any idea how? Maybe we should ask malda at slashdot dot org..
    • Since this is an american site, I propse: :-P
      Just kidding, I'm pro European...most of the time.
    • Well, whoever modded this up interesting shows that there is... interest out there, for a EU topic :)

      Let's do it !

      • ok. Here is the mail (sent to malda at slashdot dot org)


        Dear Rob,
        after talking with some friends (like "forged" and others) on their Journal on Slashdot, we would like to have a "European" section on Slashdot. Still news for nerds, but this time stuff that matters for the European Community.

        Some reasons?
        First, that people will stop complaining that Slashdot is too US-centric.

        Second, so that news about EU will be "confined" into that section and people that do not care at all about the rest of the world ("world?") could choose not to browse it.

        Third, so that news about EU will be "confined" into that section and people can have a sort of "repository" for such news in a separate section (a-la-"your rights online").

        What do you think? Should I submit this question to "ask slashdot"? Should I submit that as a poll? (but then, who would want a CowboyNeal section..?


        • That was very well worded ! Now I hope the answer you will get back will bear good news :)
          • so. rob replied, and we exchanged a couple of e-mails. It seems that slashdot has no *economic* interest in opening a pure-EU section because their salesforce doesn't cover Europe. He's referring to banner ads... for what I understand, they don't have any ad to be sold in Europe. I think.
            Same thing for japan, africa, and so on - they seem to have had a guy in the UK, one in Japan, one in Australia, et cetera..

            Now I asked him if opening just a 'section', like 'your rights online', would cost much. Let's see.

            bye :)

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