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Journal tulare's Journal: This is why I don't bother using my mod points (often)

The problem with the moderation system is that slashdot is full of people with an axe to grind, and will do it however they can. Given the higher motivation of such people who would presumably moderate and metamoderate every chance they get, you get a skewed sample, which defeats the averaging principle that moderation is supposed to be based upon. I happen to think the OP was a somewhat funny commentary on what for a school network administrator is a rather serious problem (as well as some rather pointed advice for the kid who got in trouble). I suspect that the metamoderator disapproves of web filtering, but it's hard to know for sure; what I know is that my moderation rating has dropped for reasons which rankle me. Here's the scooty:

Some of your past moderations have been meta-moderated by other Slashdot readers. Here are the exciting results:

* "Awww, rich kid busted for using proxy, how sad." from the discussion "Legal Actions of School Against a Proxy's Host?" which you moderated as Funny was voted Unfair.

Summary of your recent moderation: 86% Fair

Thank you for moderating.

I'll go ahead and leave my current block of modpoints to expire, as I usually do. As I probably will do more frequently in the future.

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This is why I don't bother using my mod points (often)

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