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Journal SanityInAnarchy's Journal: State of the Slashdotter 2

I haven't been here since the beginning, but at 1060 comments, it's really time for me to explore a bit more about Slashdot, such as the social networking bit.

Looking over my own stats, I only have one friend, and I can't remember when I added them. I've also got no foes. I guess I never thought it was worth it to add trolls to that list.

I do have the Profanity Blacklist as a freak, and have for a long time -- what a fucking surprise, that!

What seemed weird to me was, I have no other freaks, and I do have five fans. Seems odd -- either I've been doing pretty well, or I've just kept my head down. I know others have a long list of freaks. I've been looking at that list to try and find some insight as to why these people picked me, and whether I should add them.

There's a very large part of me that wants to ignore the whole thing, and call it something only MySpacers would do, but looking through some of these people, I do find interesting discussions I'd have missed otherwise. I guess it's something to do when I feel like reading Slashdot, but there've been no updates.

Woah. Maybe I'm an addict.

Anyway, no particular point to this exercise, but I've left comments enabled. Drop me a note. And no, this will not be a weblog, but until I decide to get something like that set up, I may as well post Slashdot-related rantings on Slashdot.

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State of the Slashdotter

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  • I tend to friend very often, based on how much I like a post (as I lack mod points, but friending gives me a +2 bonus at least), but only foe if a person starts actively arguing with me (which tends to mean that they respond near-immediately to my post and rather than offer a researched (or at least thought-out) counterpoint, they ignore my comment but still insist they're right).

    I think I happened to friend you because I liked what you had to say, and your name made me think you were a Ratchet & Clank
    • Actually, my name is based on the old slogan: The Ultimate Sanity in Anarchy. It would also be the ultimate irony if they sued me for trademark infringement (or whatever the term is) -- they were about stealing software, so I stole their name.

      Anyway, no danger of that now -- the slogan is nowhere to be found on their current main page. I guess it's mine now, although I frequently have to use the longer name, and it's still confusing when I show up in, and people think I

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