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Journal Gangis's Journal: Tsukare, taikutsu, hangurii...

Today I got up REALLY late (around 9:20) and climbed into the shower. I must've spent 15 minutes in there, because by the time I came out and was squeaky-clean, I noticed that the clock was around 9:35. And I'll tell you, that 15-minute shower felt more like a 5-minute one. So I put on my clothes, get on my computer to check my email, and I engrossed myself into a news article about planet hunting on Slashdot. By the time I looked down into the corner of the screen, where my taskbar clock lies, it read 9:45. "Oh shit." I muttered to myself, grabbed my laptop and dashed for the door. Before I left the house, I plucked $5 from my mom's purse and yelled, "Mom! I'm taking 5 bucks for lunch! Bye!" I got in my truck, flipped on the AC... "Damn." I mutter to myself. It's still not working. I go on my way to class, driving in a Chevy S10 pickup under the hot, sweltering Florida sun. I look at the gas meter... "Oh damn it." I was critically low on gas. There went my lunch money. I 'exceed the speed limit' on the way to my class. Fortunately there weren't any five-o's on the way. I ended up being 5 minutes late for classes, which wasn't bad considering I didn't get on my way until 9:50 and it was usually a 20 minute drive to BCC. That gives you an idea of how much time I shaved off the trip by speeding. O_o The rest of the day went fine, and I came home all safe and sound.

So anyway, I've been studying Calculus since I came home. *groans can be heard throughout the crowd* When I finished studying, I picked up my Playstation 2 and played some FFX. Good game!

I want to elaborate on the whole Susan thing I mentioned in the previous entry. She's not really a bad person, but she tends to exaggerate her actions for attention. I feel bad that she doesn't like to be in her house with her parents, but I can't be her chaffeur. I don't have the time or money to take her places, especially since she never pays for my gas. I think, even if she did, I probably wouldn't drive her around especially since she treated me like dirt on Sunday. She just takes and takes, but doesn't give much at all. Okay, I should shut up about her... sorry, people. -_-

Oh yeah, I might be getting a new car soon! My parents and I were talking about what car I would like to get, and were basically dropping hints. They did say, though, that I'll most likely be getting one by December of 2003 (since the lease on my brother's truck expires then, and we'll have enough money to pay for a new car. Only one more year to go! One more year... just one more year... *mumbles, spirals in eyes* @_@

If I don't get a car this christmas, I've already decided on a few things I'm gonna ask instead. I want a DVD-R drive (approx $250-300) and 512mb or 1GB of RAM ($150, $300 respectively.) Who knows? ^_^

About the time we think we can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends. -- Herbert Hoover