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Journal daniel422's Journal: Slashdot Needs YOU

Gosh, I just discovered another user on /. (one of a thousand, I'm sure) who seems to have the same opinion as to where this site is headed as I do. EQ (just read your journal and a few of your posts) -- keep it real and keep it up, man. /. needs independant thinkers who don't fall in for the typical "hive mind" -- be it democrat or republican. Its what attracted me to this site to begin with and they seem to be getting in short supply of late. KEEP POSTING! STAY HERE! YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD! With age comes wisdom (hopefully) and although I'm pretty sure I'm not as far down the track as you, I (and others) can surely benefit from whatever experience you have. This is a great site that features an excellent mix of technology and politics. I'm no linux junkie, but I'm a dedicated hardware-head and enjoy discussing electrinics and politics in a medium filled with interesting people and differing opinions.
If you want to read a good non-offensive political post that sums up American politics today, read EQ's post to Pete Ashdown (who I give some respect to as a posting politician) here:
Excellent post. Wished I had seen it earlier and spent mod points on it. I'm surprised no one else did, but hey -- this is /. I've come to expect that sort of thing.
IGNORE THE IDIOTS -- YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE. DON'T DWELL ON SOME MORON'S POST WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. There are plenty of rational, respectful users out there who benefit and enjoy these posts/discussions. The truth DOESN'T always come out. Deal with it. Try to beat it, but don't kill yourself over it. Sometimes resorting to simple words for simple people works best. Just because someone has a computer and figured out where this site is doesn't make them an expert on ANYTHING. True relevance comes through well-thought posts and people with intelligence and initiative will see it, even if others don't.
Enough pep talk -- get out there and post!

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Slashdot Needs YOU

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