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Journal Abm0raz's Journal: Java update 1

Ok, thanks to those that responded. I'm using Eclipse right now and following the "Thinking In Java" book (just finished chapter 2.

Some observations so far:

  • Is there any difference in Syntax from C++? I mean besides the obvious as Java lacks pointer notation (so no *p references), but from what I've seen so far, the syntax is exactly the same as C++, except that it's case sensative.
  • One thing frustrates me to no end in Eclipse: Whenever I type out an object, class, or method and get to the "." to call something else inside it, it pops up all possible matches. This I like, but is it possible to change it so that when the match I want is the first in the list that I can hit "tab" instead of "enter" to select it. Just a pet peeve as all of the IDEs I used for my other languages used the tab button and it's getting a bit frustrating :)

    Figured it out. Window-> Preferences-> General-> Editors-> Keys-> Edit-> Word Completion-> Add "Tab"

  • Here is my first bit of code from scratch:

    /* Thinking in Java 3rd ed. r4.0
    * Chapter 2 Exercise 5
    * Write a program that includes and calls the storage( )
    * method defined as a code fragment in this chapter.
    * Fragment:
    * 1. int storage(String s) {
    * return s.length() * 2;
    * }
    * by Abmoraz

    class StorageSize {
    /* A string requires 2 bytes for every character.
    * returns this value.
        int storage (String s) {
                return s.length() * 2;

    public class StorageTest {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            StorageSize S = new StorageSize();
            String str = new String("ThinkingInJava");
            System.out.println("The string: ");
            System.out.println(" " + str);
            System.out.print("requires ");
            System.out.println(" bytes of storage.");


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Java update

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  • I missed your first entry about java. If you find yourself not liking eclipse I much prefer netbeans. Eclipse really seems meant for groups who want to do projects using the eclipse platform, where netbeans is just a good old IDE.

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