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Journal SlashCapper's Journal: SlashCapper's Bettors Guide for 24 June, 2006 2

I took yesterday off; Thursday was not stellar by any means. These two facts are not connected, however.

Thus far: 7-9, +$48.95 (+3.9% of risk)

The bankroll now stands at $1,048.95, with $55.14 held as retained earnings.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: (Games must have both listed pitchers start for action)

  • Philadelphia (B. Myers vs. C. Schilling): $97 risked @ +172
  • Houston (T. Buchholz vs. J. Garland): $78 risked @ +162
  • San Francisco (Jm. Wright vs. D. Haren): $117 risked @ +123
  • NY Mets (O. Hernandez vs. R. Halladay): $97 risked @ +155
  • St. Louis (J. Suppan vs. K. Rogers): $97 risked @ +137
  • Kansas City (B. Duckworth vs. D. Davis): $78 risked @ +133
  • Atlanta (L. Cormier vs. T. Corcoran): $97 risked @ +101
  • Texas (R. Tejeda vs. J. Fogg): $97 risked @ -104
  • Arizona (C. Vargas vs. B. Colon): $117 risked @ +118
  • LA Dodgers (A. Sele vs. Z. Duke): $117 risked @ -119

Aggregate risk: $992

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SlashCapper's Bettors Guide for 24 June, 2006

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  • Four of these games went to extra innings, to no avail.

    Today's going to take a while to recover from....

    3-8, -$334.03 (-33.7% of risk)

    Career: 10-17, -$285.08 (-12.7% of risk)

    The bankroll stands at $714.92 ($55.14 in retained earnings)

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