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Journal SlashCapper's Journal: SlashCapper's Bettor's Guide for 22 June, 2006 2

A strong showing last night, despite late issues with Colorado and the Dodgers.

5-6, +$110.29 (11.0% of risk)

The bankroll stands at $1,110.29, with $55.14 of that held in retained earnings.

Lines are taken from Pinnacle.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: (All games must have both listed pitchers start to have action)

  • Florida (S. Olsen/K. Benson): $41 risked at +125
  • Atlanta (H. Ramirez/A. Burnett): $61 risked at +122
  • St. Louis (An. Reyes/F. Garcia): $41 risked at +130
  • Houston (R. Clemens/F. Liriano): $61 risked at +112
  • LA Dodgers (D. Lowe/F. Hernandez): $61 risked at -121

Aggregate risk: $265

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SlashCapper's Bettor's Guide for 22 June, 2006

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