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Journal SlashCapper's Journal: SlashCapper's Bettor's Guide for 21 June 2006 2

Welcome to the inaugural edition of SlashCapper's Bettor's Guide!

I'm going to handicap sporting events on a day-to-day basis. For now, the focus will be on Major League Baseball, with English Premiership, Bundesliga, Scottish Premiership, La Liga, Ligue 1, NFL, NBA, and NHL handicapping coming later this year.

I'll be starting today with an imaginary bankroll of $1,000. Lines are taken from Pinnacle.

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL: (All games must have both listed pitchers start to have action)

  • Cincinnati (J. Mays vs. A. Soler): $115 risked at +188
  • NY Yankees (J. Wright vs. C. Hamels): $96 risked at +111
  • Washington (S. Hill vs. J. Lester): $77 risked at +159
  • Florida (R. Nolasco vs. E. Bedard): $77 risked at +132
  • Cleveland (C. Sabathia vs. C. Zambrano): $115 risked at -139
  • Toronto (T. Lilly vs. T. Hudson): $77 risked at +132
  • San Diego (C. Young vs. K. Millwood): $96 risked at +135
  • St. Louis (J. Marquis vs. M. Buehrle): $77 risked at +160
  • Kansas City (M. Wood vs. I. Snell): $77 risked at +122
  • Colorado (A. Cook vs. B. Zito): $77 risked at +106
  • LA Dodgers (C. Billingsley vs. J. Washburn): $115 risked at -121

Aggregate risk: $999

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SlashCapper's Bettor's Guide for 21 June 2006

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