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Journal blazin's Journal: [FSoF] Crappity crap crap dang!

So as I've written in a previous journal, I've started a new job, about 4 weeks ago (March 15). Two weeks ago, I got my first paycheck, covering one week's worth of pay. I was supposed to get it on Friday, but I got it on Saturday. It was a paper check with all subsequent checks supposed to be direct deposited.

So we grabbed the check and headed off to the bank to make a deposit before we headed off to the mall.

This past Saturday I checked my account balance online to see if the direct deposit thing had started and noticed that my account showed a mere $7 more than my whole paycheck. I looked further and saw a couple of overdrafts with $10 charges to automatically move money from savings into checking. Further investigation showed that they had no record of my deposit two weeks ago in the ATM.

So I looked all over for the receipt so I could call the bank up and make them fix it and reverse the charges. Except I couldn't find a receipt. Anywhere. I went down to the basement and found my paycheck envelope with my paystub inside. Attached to the pay stub was my check.

So since both my wife and I remember going to the bank and depositing my check, but since my check didn't get deposited, I have no freaking clue what did end up in the bank. I guess the good news is I have my check to get in the bank, but it means the $20 in charges aren't coming off...

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[FSoF] Crappity crap crap dang!

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