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Portables (Apple)

Journal davevt5's Journal: Apple Support Survey

A day or two after I completed my very unsuccessful call with Apple Support I received an email with a link to a survey. Of course I was eager to respond to the survey. Writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you to 'move past' them and to more-or-less get on with your life. So, I go to click on the link and what do I get? Nothing. It's a dead link. I couldn't believe it. I was infuriated. But I wasn't willing to give up. I kept the email in my inbox and tried clicking on the link ever few days. Days became weeks and I soon forgot about it - until today. I just clicked the link and low-and-behold I was presented with a feedback form. After giving all "extremely dissatisfied" marks I was provided with a text box for additional feedback. Here it is (and remember, it's been about 5 weeks now)

You could have simply mailed a replacement "keycap" for the TAB key. My key broke on day 2. I was told to either 1) mail back my laptop and wait two weeks or 2) drive an hour and drop it off a an authorized reseller.

In either event they were going to replace the ENTIRE keyboard. For one little piece of plastic that probably cost 2 cents.

I ended up purchasing a keycap from a website on the Internet for ~$9.00 because Apple support was so ineffective.

I, like many people out there have many friends who are MacAddicts. They love and preach the goodness of that which we call MAC. Well, so far life is not greener on this side. In fact, it's quite cold, lonely and laden with brushed steel.

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Apple Support Survey

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