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Journal ObsessiveMathsFreak's Journal: New Slashdot CSS Font Size 3

The new Slashdot CSS redesign is here. I suppose we can all learn to live with it. I've got some misgivings about the contrast, but I imagine I'll get used to it. The font has also changed to sans, but I guess I'll get used to that too.

There is one thing, however, that really is bugging me. And it isn't just a trivial gripe. It's the new font size. In short, it's too small. What's worse, horror of horrors, this change has been applied to the comments section.

My eyesight's not the best, and I imagine most slashdotters have less than 20/20 vision. I run at 1024x768 resolution normally, and it's my understanding that many people run even higher than this. I can only presume that the main site's text would be around 3mm tall on a 17'' monitor at 1280x1024. I can't see that this is a good thing for the eyes.

I don't agree with the view that "smaller looks better", when it comes to text, or indeed, any UI at all. I blame winamp for the recent trend towards ever smaller font and button sizes, but I digress.

The most important thing about any redesign is keeping the site useable. In the case of Slashdot, most users are simply reading text, sometimes writing. in this regard, the redesign has slipped up,(not failed, just slipped up) in that reading has now been made harder by the smaller text. This isn't a small issue, it's a big one.

Reasons for the slip up? Perhaps CmdrTaco sits too close to the screen? Perhaps he's got a 22'' monitor? Perhaps he has better eyesight than most of us. Regardless, this is a serious issue, and needs to be addressed.

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New Slashdot CSS Font Size

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  • by linvir ( 970218 ) *
    See for yourself []. Apparently everyone's default font size is wrong.
  • Control-Plus has become my first key-stroke for most any page I visit these days... though I hadn't really thought about it.
    So, I just upped my font-sizes Edit->Preferences [Font & Colors] ... 'cause now that you mention it, it seems like all the pages I visit use too small a font size...
  • I had to change my default font size from 16 to 18 to accomodate slashdot. I don't like to change my browser settings just to accomodate one site, but the amount of time I spend on slashdot justifies it. It's working out well though, since I no longer have to strain my eyes to read all the sites with small fonts.

    I'm sure many slashdotters agree with you, readability should be put before pretty design. I wonder if the new design might be due to the competition from digg.

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