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Journal Malor's Journal: Well, I'm finally bailing.... 2

This place has been going downhill for a long time. I've been actually a bit pleased of late, I thought they were starting to do better again finally.

Then they shoved this new UI redesign down our throats without any ability to comment on it (share problems and solutions, etc) or turn it off. A change this major and we don't even have a spot to TALK about it? What incredible arrogance.

They obviously do not value our opinions, so I'm taking my opinion elsewhere. I encourage you to do the same. I've been here since the dawn of time, and I'm finally done.

I'm still around on Ars and Metafilter, mostly.

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Well, I'm finally bailing....

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  • by Nethead ( 1563 )
    Mostly they are talking about games I've never heard of. But /. is still better than the ham radio board that never seem to talk about radio. Oh well, the '06 elections are starting.. I guess I can waste my time there.

    Take care,

  • wtf dude, there were three stories on the layout change. and about 5 more in taco's journal. There was the initial announcement, then there were weekly updates on his blog, then there was another story on the three finalists and then there was a final entry proclaiming the winner. The final entry also said that the new design would be rolling out as soon as certain things are finished. ... BUt you did not bother to read the fucking stories, you just want to bitch about the change. dude it's only the css tha

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