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Journal Magdalene's Journal: loving a priest of Hermes is not as easy as it seems

We dance 'round the broken eggshells strewn carelessly; then we try locked doors and labyrinths as we attempt 'light talk',then: a walk 'round inside our minds through Spartan corridors ..

We ride; 'round, beneath his chariot Helois blinds me; confagration,chaos, flames and fury all lick up from the depths below seeming infinate....don't look to long into chaos... i must remind myself.. or it will draw you in and you will not be able to find your way back...

my hand instinctively goes up to protect my long dimmed eyes .

against this infinite brightness i wander the through unfamiliar territory of his mind, this 'chariot' one slight miss-step and i will fall, lost in the depths of HELIOS' depts of chaos, their conflagration of fury and flame. for a moment, i forget where i am and close my eyes, caught up in the beauty of it all, and smiling i wonder if this is what it was like for Aten's Wife...then i stumble.

My beloved, so much more divine, sees my misstep before I do,
reaching but a finger out stops my misstep from becoming my souls end in the chaos below.

to myself mistaken steps unplanned and out of nowhere as I stagger barely able to see the flooring

To my beloved, my misstep seems..,planned?...

My beloved forgets,... I possess not his map..nor his insights

but on his word would freely sutti and dance with chaos through eternity.

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loving a priest of Hermes is not as easy as it seems

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