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Journal ObsessiveMathsFreak's Journal: Moving To KDE 5

It's time. I've moved to KDE.

The long list of grievances I've suffered uder GNOME is simply too long to recount, here or anywhere. The last straw was, in the end, nautilus' removal of an address bar, and so I could not type in, for instance, smb://, anywhere.

And before anyone tries to point out that there really was an address bar there somewhere if I'd just typed ctrl-/ or something, I simply don't care anymore.

KDE is looking good already. Quite frankly, Konsole alone is enough of a reason to make the switch. The system is responsive and options and customisation are where I expect them to be, and do what I expect them to do. I'm not too fond of the lack of history in the CPU monitor applet, but sacrafices must be made I suppose.

In the end though, it was not KDE that lured me away. It was Gnome's beligerance that forced me to find better pastures. Simply put, it's a disaster I don't care to try and live with, or fix. I'm aware of KDE's issues with TrollTech, and it does bother me, but frankly in my opinion, Gnome are abusing the FOSS movements goodwill towards their GPL'ed status.

Gnome isn't going to change, so I am instead.

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Moving To KDE

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  • It's quite lightweight and support gnome & kde's goop through their base libraries. I use it all the time on machines as wee as a Pentium 233 w/64 MB laptop. I've used it for years. project page [].
    • Of course you can use any window manager [] and still run Gnome & KDE applications.
      Really only the "desktop experience" is possible using a DE. Other than that you aren't missing much when using a WM.
      • I meant that windowmaker has some options for better compatibility with kde/gnomeisms ("Disable miniwindows" etc) without having to run the full environment if you like slim.
    • I know someone who does this. They run fluxbox and have a few gnome applications which load libraries into the background.

      I don't consider this a great solution. If you're supposed to be running a lightweight window manager, but then decide to fire up the GTK sharded libs, then why don't you just run the full Gnome enviornment altogether?
  • I'm aware of KDE's issues with TrollTech, and it does bother me
    What issues?

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