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Journal SarahAnnAlien's Journal: Random Updates On The Occassion of My 10k Milestone

Sorry, these are all little snippets; I'm trying to do Real Work in another window.

I'm stuck at work despite the fact that everyone else left early. I had to go to the doctor at lunchtime and traffic was a nightmare, so I'm staying put for another couple hours. Maybe it will be a little better then. Maybe.

A big milestone today: My car now has 10,000 more miles on it than it did when Dad first bought it for me! Time for another oil change, too. Note to self: time for semi-annual rat check in engine compartment.

Today's doctor visit was for the endocrinologist; we're starting the long process of post-surgical hormone rebalancing. Today's surprise discovery: the headaches I've been having are migranes! Oh, that must be why I've had the lights in my office turned off for the last month, huh? Dr. S said it would probably get better. We're going to try a combination of low-dose pills and a compounded cream. I couldn't get the cream today because of the traffic. I'll have to go next week.

Note to undergraduates everywhere: your chances of getting what you ask for are significantly improved if you can actually clearly state what is is you're asking for. Just FYI.

Note to self: undergraduates' chances of knowing whether they got what they asked for are significantly improved if you can actually cut and paste their email addresses properly. Just FYI.

I have a really cool webpage now. Unfortunately, the machine serving the page is so tightly firewalled that I'm pretty much the only person that can see it. Okay, it's not really that cool. It's more useful than cool.

Do you know the difference between "rm -rf usr" and "rm -rf /usr"? Well, the latter usually does nothing, unless you're root, in which case it produces a whole lot of nothing in a place where nothing is bad. The former is what I meant to type. Guess who was root? Stupid fingers.

Oh well, I didn't mind reinstalling again last night... except that I had already reinstalled the night before to try to get my new video card to work right. The new video card is for the monitor that I didn't buy.

I didn't really reinstall last night; I half-finished reinstalling and then went out to dinner instead. Dinner with a friend is way more fun than reinstalling. I hate computers.

Hmm, if I install the Dapper Drake release candidate, then technically that won't be reinstalling, because I've never installed that before. Cool, I don't have to reinstall after all! Saved by a technicality.

I had to fix my own dishwasher this week. Guess who inspired me?

Do you know the difference between a fermentable fiber supplement and a nonfermentable fiber supplement? If you take too much fermentable fiber supplement, you might be too embarassed by the resulting natural biological effects to have maintenance come over and fix your dishwasher for you.

People are really interesting, don't you think? I like that they don't need to be reinstalled. Well, usually not.

At the moment I'm really interested in boundaries. Everybody has them, and they're all different, and it's sometimes hard for me to figure out how to avoid inadvertent transgressions.

This is probably why I never say very much here about he-who-is-coming-to-visit-yet-again-this-weekend. I don't know where his boundaries are. And I don't know where mine should be.

I'm very happy he's coming to visit again.

Come to think of it, there's a lot that I don't talk about here, not because I'm unwilling, but because I don't know where I should set my boundaries.

The garden continues. A few weeks ago I was feeling well enough to go out on the balcony, dispose of the dead and dying plants that I couldn't take care of when I was feeling sick, and plant some new seeds. Little green sprouts are starting to appear. Little green tomatoes are beginning to show up on the tomato plant, which is now about seven feet tall. The baby birds disappeared; I think they were probably eaten by some larger bird. Maybe a crow. And I found a dead bird on the balcony; I think it was mommy bird. Another bird is using the same nest now. Life ends, and life goes on.

In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make's wrinkles. Instead, it has freaking Fjords! Slartibartfast would be proud. (You do not need to understand this. I needed to vent, ok? Grr.)

Okay, one last build, and I'm going home fore sure.

I need to go grocery shopping. Maybe in the morning instead? I'm tired.

The build builds. Well, to be more specific, it's broken the same way it was an hour ago, but now I know what doesn't work. The nice bit is that when you run this particular build process, it reinstalls itself!

Okay, okay, maybe just a little grocery shopping.

Syntactic sugar causes cancer of the semicolon. -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982