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Journal FidelCatsro's Journal: Career change a tough decision 17

I have decided to switch careers out of the IT industry. I believe I could be doing something of much more worth to people and actually help things .
So with that I have decided to get into social care and project work. Starting at the bottom as I will need to earn a few new qualifications including a Bachelors in social work , but this is something I must do.
I have discussed it with my wife and we both agree .
So this will be an amazing pay cut , I will have to deal with abusive people and the abused(so no change there then)
and my life at times may be a living hell whilst doing this.
I could though , look at myself in the mirror and feel proud that I am trying to make a difference.

The wages cut is insane , for example a Systems admin can earn around 50-120 thousand a year(less for juniors)
for the Social spectrum we are talking 14-30 thousand (30 being management)
You know what though , I do not care about that. I will miss being able to buy lots of pointless shite , but I think we can cope .

I feel really at peace and like I am doing the right thing , something I haven't felt in a while.
It will mean me moving back to Aberdeen or so , but I can handle that and my wife has been pushing us to move for ages.

Welcome to the first day of my new life, nothing set in stone , I still have my job(I wont for much longer as the company is shutting down anyway , giving me a good excuse ) but i Will begin looking tomorrow .
Today is for beer , 6 cans of lovely German beer and I am going to drink the lot and get a little tipsy

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Career change a tough decision

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  • I wish you good fortune.

    Your lack of a materialic attitude and desire to help others is admirable.

    Plus, I hate you for being able to get good German beer;-) It's damned near impossible here in Florida because of bottling laws meant to favor Anheiser-Busch>:-(
  • I think that's a very generous choice for you to make. Getting out of IT will probably increase your life expectancy as well. Anyhow, best of luck with it, and be sure to update your journals as you make the transition, it would make interesting reading.

  • You are moving from the most stressful profession [] to the SECOND most stressful profession. So this should reduce your chances of dying of a heart attack merely because you care about people by .000000001%.
    • But the highest suicide rate is still shrinks, doctors, and dentists ("physician, heal thyself?").

      I'm not counting lawyers - pretty much any lawyer that offs themselves has done society a favour. If this sounds harsh, its time lawyers started policing themselves better and weeding out the incompetents and frauds.

      As for changing careers, way to go, dude! We all need a change once in a while (a change is as good as a vacation).

  • I wish you well in your new endeavor Mr. Catsro;-)

    I will, however, add a note of caution. You will be giving much of yourself and receiving little in return. Just make sure you have the extra to give;-)

  • I think it would be prudent to keep your foot in the door for both camps, try to scratch a check from two entirely completely different places rather than just the one or the other.

    I a feeling, that's all. If at all possible try to maintain an income part time with the skills you already have.

    And when you move, a country place with it's own water and garden space will do yoiu no harm, if possible there as well.

    Same ..feeling. I think TS will HTF sometime this year, hard.
  • Your courage (and your wife's belief in you) will open doors for you, and I salute your willingness: Me, I'm a coward. Although I do have plans to open a Zen retreat/counseling center/school, I'll not be doing so until financial concerns are not a concern. I'm stealing home with my foot planted firmly on first. Again, salutes to you! (Do please let us know how you fare when you can spare a moment?)
    • It is not cowardice to look after the safety of your family dude. I am only doing this because I can and we can take the pay hit and associated risk. ;) I just filled out 4 applications forms heh .
  • I tried the same 1.5 years ago. Or at least similar. I couldn't cope and want to go back into IT. I hope this goes well for you.

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