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Journal rosewood's Journal: Stuff 6

IPSec is nice to have up and running. I need to do some tweaking but Im kinda burned out on it and I have a shitload of school work now.

THe point tho is this. I AM NOT AN IPSEC EXPERT. I downright suck. So, if you want help, hit the mailing lists from -- that site kicks ass btw. They are really nice and answer questions asap. The list is a lil spammy so watch out you win32 outlook users.

Now, my current goal is to find a good sendmail configer. I used to use linuxconf and I just downloaded and installed it in rh 8 and it had the sendmail conf stuff. I just want to be able to send email damn it and maybe even get some, eh?

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  • Sendmail configuration has always seems much more complicated then it needs to be. I switched to postfix a couple of years ago and have been very happy with the move.

    What exactly do you want to set sendmail up to do?

    Basic installation shouldn't be that hard... And most of my mail sorting is dropped into shell/perl scripts from procman, ie same on sendmail and postfix...

    • Basically I want an unrestricted SMTP server. Living on campus I dont get an smtp server (like I got when I was on cable) so I need to have one.

      I also point a domain to my linux box so Id like to be able to run a pop3 server w/ it so I can do all kinds of email fun.

      I was able to do this with some bloatware in windows, it just didnt jive well w/ me
  • God wants you to use qmail []. He told me so. ;)

    No, seriously, qmail is waaay better than sendmail, and isn't used as widely. Not used as widely = less targeted for hacks. Mmmmm, security by obscure software.

    Actually, qmail is getting more popular lately. I might have to find a new SMTP service soon.

    • Is it pretty easy to config -- say with a good gui configer ??

      I basically just need a pop3 server and an smtp server that will let me use them from any connection, but also allows spam filters etc.
      • Sendmail only does SMTP, for POP3 you need something else. (well, as far as I know). Honestl,y I used to think that sendmail configuration was hard too, but once you understand how to use the M4 macro's that are provided with nearly all the sendmail installations, you will think it is easy. (within the limits of editing files, you don't need GUI tools to config a server) Actually you just need 10 lines of M4 "code" to get a sendmail up and running to accept email for your domain and send email from your client computers.
        Just google a bit on "sendmail", "m4", and terms like that. If you are really desperate, I can always send you my m4 file, I add comments in order not to forget what I did.

        POP3 is easy too. Well, on OpenBSD it was... I just had to activate the service in inetd. Linux probably isn't more difficult. I do not use authentication other than the password of the users on the box, but I only allow POP3 connection from the intranet. You should check out SMTP-AUTH, but I do not have any information on that.

        Good luck.
        P.S: I also have a the O'Reilley Bat Book in HLP format. Some kind slashdotter send it to me, when I had trouble with sendmail.

    • The qmail license makes it unforkable. This is actually a problem, since djb hasn't done a release since 1999.

      Postfix is secure, has a nice license, and is even actively maintained!

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