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Journal elmegil's Journal: hey opera heads (even if you're not Leo) 1

I saw some interesting things about opera mini/opera mobile on the Palm site I read regularly, but....

Something is not clear and browsing for 10 minutes hasn't made it any more appears that there is a version (not clear which one though) that supports Palm OS (but not clear if it's anything but the Treo)....does it do Javascript? There's some verbage about AJAX support with "Opera Platform" or some such, but WTF is that?

The reason I ask is my lurvely Lifedrive does wireless internet, but I have not yet found a browser that supports javascript, which means things like tiddlywiki (the thing I'm currently MOST interested in) won't work. If I could find a browser that would do it, I would be thrilled to pay cash money for it. I figure someone more plugged in to the Opera World might be able to point me at the right spot instead of all the confusing twisty marketing stuff.

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hey opera heads (even if you're not Leo)

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  • by orange_6 ( 320700 )
    damn, and I thought you were going to be talking about this [], which is what I was just listening to.

    Stupid names of things getting me confused... :D

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