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Journal Blackneto's Journal: Life at 120 mph 10

Well I went on a road trip friday because there was nothing
else to do.
I was cruising at 70 when a bunch of cars just passed me
like I was standing still.
I said what the heck and nudged it up to 85 when the front
end started to stutter a bit ( I think my pirelli p6000's
that came with the car are crap.) but I pushed it to 90 and
it smoothed out.
At about 100 my Poor Baby (94 Jaguar XJ6) sort of tightened up and squatted.
I've only felt that feeling in my friends 67 Vette with a
427 Rat. This was on the way to a friends wedding where he
was best man and I was a groomsman. We were really
late. Tequila is bad the night before a wedding.
So while I was at 100 another car passed me. so I said, what
the hell and pushed it to 110 and still didn't notice any
I creeped up on 120 then chickened out remembering that my
tires are crap. they have good tread, but I don't like how
they feel.

It was a good day.

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Life at 120 mph

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  • Cruising on the Sprain in my way into TEH CITY (There is only one), I think I topped at about 117. Decided I should "cool it out" for the turns coming up.

    Its pretty cool.

    /Now I'm an olde man who drives the speed limit with my blinker on the whole way
  • Inquiring minds wanna know...
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, stock, standard good year eagle tires.

    I actually hit 130 on the speedo, and its electronically limited to 130mph max.

    Good thing too, that car only had another 5-10 mph of oomph, 4 gear in the manumatic version, running 4500 rpms (6000 rpm redline).

    I had the sunroof open too :)
    • fyi: 2003 eclipse, not the newer faster ones.
    • I'm probably a complete loony, but I was doing a bit over 180 km/h (112 mph) in a Rover 25 []. With winter tires. In summer. With my family in the car.

      Additional scary part -- I was getting my doors blown off by Audis, Mercedeses and the occasional Porsche. And I was in the middle lane, out on the A2 west of Berlin, westbound (i.e. on our way home to Hannover).

      Gotta love the Autobahn...



      • Not sure which is worse: 150 two up on I-66 or 60 two up on Indian Head Highway. Err, the latter between two semis.

        I don't own that bike anymore. It brought out the worst in me.
        • I don't own that bike anymore. It brought out the worst in me.

          That sounds familiar. A friend of mine has exactly the same attitude. He had a Benelli many years ago. After owning it for a few weeks, he took it back to the dealer and traded it in. He said it was just so insanely fast, and so much fun that it brought out the worst in him, and encouraged him to ride in a way that was going to get him killed. He now rides a Super Magna and a V-Max.

  • by Tet ( 2721 )
    Nudging 160mph on a race track. On the public roads, 210km/h (about 130mph) heading from Karlstad to Oslo a few years back.

    That said, we've just put a new engine in the Camaro, and I haven't had the guts to max it out yet. There are just too many speed cameras on UK roads. I've taken it up to 170ish on the speedo, but that hasn't be recalibrated since the new rear axle ratio went in, so it's wildly off. Best guess is that's around 120ish in real life. The really annoying part is that it's just starting to

  • That I pushed up to ~135...

    I think I got 140, but at that speed, you tend not to take your eyes off the road...

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