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Portables (Apple)

Journal davevt5's Journal: Brand New Macbook Pro with a Broken Key (keycap)

I just bought a Macbook Pro hoping to get the "Apple Experience" and on Day 2 my TAB key broke. Well, the "keycap' as its called broke. There are two nearly-microscopic clasps that hold it to the keyboard and one of them broke off. Now the key continues to come off.

I called Apple Support and they said there is NO WAY they can just mail me a new keycap (probably about 1/2cent worth of plastic). Instead they must replace the whole keyboard. They then presented me w/ two options, I also discovered a third:
1) Send it back (wait two weeks) and they'll take care of it
2) Take it to an authorized service center to get it fixed
3) Buy a replacement keycap on the Internet (my option, not one suggested by Apple)

1 - NO WAY -- I just got this puppy, I'm not about to go ship it off. Plus, its not my sole computer so this is more than just an inconvenience
2 - 45 minutes to get to Roanoke. I haven't even called to find out if they can do it while I wait because this whole thing is just a big let down. I'm a former Windows (TM) user so ALT-TAB is used quite heavily. Every time I try I get frustrated.
3 - The cost for a new keycap is $8.95 plus shipping. This isn't for all keys, but the ONE key of my choice. This is quite a rip off but once you factor in gas to Roanoke and the BS of calling, waiting, etc this might be the simplest method.

So I'm not sure what to do but it is VERY frustrating. The Apple Support person spent half of the call telling me about OneCare or something like that. It's Apple's extended support (for an additional $349). That's a lot of money.

PS - this is my first /. Journal entry. I've been a member for a long time but never even knew what this was. More to come...?

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Brand New Macbook Pro with a Broken Key (keycap)

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