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Journal Gat0r30y's Journal: Iraq is now 5th longest war in US history

My uncle brought this to my attention. It is pretty intesting. Here is the text of his email. Hello everyone, Today is a sad anniversary. (And I don't mean because it's the day I officially turn 51-and-a-half.) No, you see today is the day the the Iraq War officially becomes the 5th longest war in American history, surpassing the Korean War which lasted 3 years, 8 months and 12 days. The only four wars which lasted longer are, in order, the Viet Nam War, Revolutionary War, Civil War and World War Two. I just figured this out myself using data from the World Almanac supplied by the Dept. of Defense. And unfortunately, the way things are going, the current mayhem should have no trouble passing World War Two for the number four spot. This will happen on November 21 of this year. It's hard to believe this madness has gone on so long. Anyway, maybe if you have the time, you could pass this info along and generate some buzz. As I implied, I haven't heard any of the media talk about this, and it's probably something more people should be aware of. Jeff B.
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Iraq is now 5th longest war in US history

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