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Journal red5's Journal: Coachella 4

I just booked my hotel and bought my tickets I'm going to Coachella again this year. This time I'm going solo. Which will be way better for me. Nobody constantly whining about the heat.

In no perticular order the bands I'm looking forward to:
Depeche Mode
Daft Punk
Franz Ferdinand
Sigur Ros
TV On The Radio[1]
She wants Revenge
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Massive Attack[2]
Bloc Party
Art Brut

Bands I could do without:
Clap your hands say yeah[3]
the Walkmen[5]
Eagles of death metal[6]
the Like[7]

Oh for the love of god why:
TOOL(what The fuck)
Madonna (seriously WTF!?!?!)

[1]heard they were good
[2]yeah they suck now but if the me from 99 were to find out I missed a chance to see them live he'd kill me
[3]fucking hipster shite
[4]Anyband with 'HARD' in the name has to suck
[5]Never really did it for me
[6]Missed at sunset junction I think I'll miss them again.
[7]I remember when they were playing free shows at spaceland. Why the hell they made it this far is beyond me. Okay they dont totally suck.

Feel free to call me a poser or whatever.
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