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Journal Migor's Journal: Migor is amused

Migor does command that the word of the day is vomit. When one does read that word, they must throw their hands into the air and should Praise Migor!. Otherwise Migor will be upset. Remember this word, which is vomit and not any other word.

Migor is amused at your puny Earth war. Migor looks down from time to time from the battle bridge of Migor's mighty spaceship upon your pathetic planet, and Migor does laugh.

Some time ago, Migor did have an assistant and that assistant was named Raoul. Raoul did want to become like Migor, but he was foolish and lazy. Migor did have a well in his mighty spaceship, and Migor did instruct Raoul to take buckets from the well and fill up his mighty space hot tub.

Migor did have too much to drink when he did command this from Raoul, so Migor did go and lie down and he did pass out. Raoul then did try to make his job easier while Migor slept. So Raoul did use Migor's great and powerful toilet and did do his business.

Then Raoul did stick his finger down into the passage of his throat, which did cause Raoul to vomit into the toilet. Raoul then did begin to cast an enchanting magic spell upon the mix of vomit and feces in the great and powerful toilet, and it did become alive.

And while Migor did sleep, a nasty poop beast was born in Migor's own mighty spaceship. Raoul was foolish and instructed the poop beast to do his job for him. So the terrible and nasty poop beast did do the job. The poop beast did fill the mighty hot tub. But it would not stop when the job was finished.

When Raoul did realize this, the mighty hot tub was overflowing and damaging the imported tiles upon the floor of the mighty cabana where the hot tub did reside in Migor's mighty spaceship.

Raoul did order the poop beast to stop, but it did not listen. Raoul decided to stop it, he would have to go and attack it with one of the many axes that are placed upon the walls and corridors of Migor's mighty spaceship for some reason.

So Raoul did chop, and then he did chop some more. And he did divide the poop beast into TWO poop beasts. But that did not stop the nasty poop beast. It worked even faster, so Raoul chopped, and he chopped some more, continuing to sub divide the nasty giant poop beasts into smaller but no less nasty poop beasts.

When Migor did awaken, Migor felt sick in the small of Migor's 9th stomach. Migor did stumble into the cabana in Migor's mighty spaceship and then into the adjoining toilet. Migor was sick, and Migor did vomit into the toilet. When Migor was done, Migor looked at Migor's expensive imported tiles in the cabana in Migor's mighty spaceship, and did gasp .

Migor's beautiful cabana was ruined. Migor was displeased, and Migor did find out what had happened. Migor did stick Migor's mighty fist into the chest of Raoul, and Raoul did die. But Migor could not destroy the dozens of filthy poop beasts who were ruining Migor's mighty cabana.

At that time, Migor was in orbit around your puny and pathetic planet. Migor did notice that the filthy and nasty poop beasts did resemble the form of the so-called "Earth Man".

So Migor did jettison the poop beasts upon the surface of the planet you do call Earth. A terrible fire was seen in the sky above the region you call the 'Middle of the East', and from the sky did fall the filthy poop beasts.

And the Earth Men in the Middle of the East did become confused and frightened and they did allow these poop beasts to become the leaders of the Middle of the East.

Some of these poop beasts do instruct the Earthmen who do follow them to fly puny spacecraft which do not actually go into space into buildings. Other poop beasts do try to build puny weapons that make Earth Men have colds or vomit or die.

This displeases Migor, so Migor did contact the so called Earthman who is not the leader of the Middle of the East and who is not the leader of the place you call Euroland and who is not the leader of place you callAsia and who is not the leader of the continents which are in the Southern part of the Earth which nobody cares about, not even Migor.

And when Migor did contact this leader, whom Migor does call DumDum, Migor did command DumDum to use his puny weapons upon the filthy poop beasts who do rule the Middle of the East.

This pleases Migor, as the war does make him laugh.

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Migor is amused

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