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Journal PDA_Monkey's Journal: Car trouble follow-up 1

I've had my car working again for a couple of months... Just in time for me to use it in my consulting business after being laid off from my employer in January.

I am very thankful to those who had a hand in it, including:
- Rob Wood
- Matthew Laverty and his friend Jason
- Erik Roedinger for the cheap transmission
- Bill Suldovsky (even though I didn't use the engine I bought from him)
- The NWNeon Mailing List subscribers
- Kimberly, my mostly patient wife
- Everybody else that prayed for us and the situation and those who directly helped

The car runs quite well and is crazy fun to drive; it has tons more torque (I love spinning the tires in 2nd gear, couldn't even do that in first gear before).
I'd love to know how fast I'm going (usually too fast) and how far I've gone... Hopefully we'll get that fixed soon.

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Car trouble follow-up

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