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Journal pla's Journal: Call me paranoid, but... 4

So today I posted a little off-the-cuff comment about parenting and video-games... Nothing major, though undeniably strongly opinionated. Agree or disagree as you will - Not the point of this journal entry.

First mod to it, troll. Okay, I think, I've gotten an awfully lot of those lately to posts I clearly didn't mean as trolling or flamebait, but whatever, perhaps I have an anti-fanboi.

Then later, I got two interestings and an insightful. Okay, not bad, that at least pushes me up to a +2, which with my karma bonus gives a total score of 4. Which it did indeed show.

Now, a few hours later I check back again, and see a total score of two, still with the same breakdown of a troll, an insightful, and two interestings. Biggest difference, my karma bonus has vanished (though my account still shows me as having excellent karma, so not like I magically lost my good karma between 4:30pm and 8:15pm).

So... As the subject line says, "call me paranoid, but" who has the power to change that? Do we have editors seriously abusing their powers, going around making Slashdot's moderation system even less meaningful than its normal, defective, modstorm-prone state?

I'd really like to know... I've written 1858 posts to Slashdot in the past few years, on the presumption that, except for the Gods correcting truly egregious abuses, the moderation system at least works at face value. If every slave-labor underling working at /. can just up and steal karma from posts that hit on one of their peeves, I'd like to know not to waste any more of my life contributing to a lost cause...
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Call me paranoid, but...

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  • regardless of your disappearing karma bonus, you make a definitely valid point in your post. I realize this isn't the point of your journal entry, but I thought I'd comment all the same. I was just making a similar point the other day.

    I was talking to my mother last week on the phone about her work, and she had mentioned one of her friends there had twins about to go to college. She told that her friend keeps her children ultra-isolated. They have to be picked up from school every day, they need to be in
  • At least they did not tag it with an overrated mod... m2 might fix this one.
  • Does the Karma Bonus Disappear On Highly Moderated Comments? []

    You might have noticed that the karma bonus seems to disappear from comments that are heavily moderated. To be more accurate, when a comment that was posted with the karma bonus has been moderated down twice, the karma bonus is removed from the score's total.

    There are two major reasons for this. The first is more technical: using the default settings for the Karma Bonus, a post moderated down twice would be at score:0. If this post is in fact

    • by pla ( 258480 )
      when a comment that was posted with the karma bonus has been moderated down twice, the karma bonus is removed from the score's total.

      Okay, I can buy that... I don't think they have it working 100% as described (I only took one negative mod, and the removal didn't apply at the time of any apparent mods, but several hours after the last one received), but it sounds close enough.

      Thank you, though... As much as I tell others to RTFM, I didn't even think to check the FAQ. Mea Culpa (I did read it once year

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