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Journal azizlumiere's Journal: The little report

I'll be travelling to the town of Bayport, Texas at the end of October. And then Lake Charles, Louisiana.
I'll be there because of a report. A year ago we started a very small project to save the data from a report on the SQL server. The little Excel sheet went throught a lot of transformations during that time. Drill down, Graphs, Colors, etc. We made it simple and user friendly for the users. They liked it. They talked about it, even to people in the other plants. Now the managers in the others plants want my Excel sheet to work at their site with their plant informations. So I put an intern on the job to modify the sheet to handle more than one plant. We must replicate databases from my site to all the other sites. I must create a powerpoint presentation. There is a huge amount of work to be done only to have this report working at the other plants. It's the first time I will travel for work. I hope everything will be all right.

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The little report

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