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Journal ansible's Journal: Maintaining the friends list 4

Heh. I've been on Slashdot quite a while, and this is the first time I've posted a journal entry. I've been thinking about setting up a blog for myself, maybe I'll just use Slashdot instead.

At any rate, I wonder how many other people go through the same process as I do for picking friends in Slashdot.

If I see a good post or two by someone, I'll often check their posting history, and read at least 7 to 10 of their previous posts. Usually, they'll have a few high rated ones, and some at the basic level. Which is 2 because they usually already have a karma bonus.

Then, if that all works out, I'll put that person in my friends list. I'd like to find more people who intelligently expouse positions I don't agree with. But I don't seem to find many of those.

BTW, unless I'm doing moderation, I usually browse at +3. That's enough to catch anyone marked as a friend or friend-of-a-friend, plus other highly rated posts.

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Maintaining the friends list

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  • That's how I usually friend someone: read an interesting post, check out the history and JEs (if any), take it from there.

    I also automatically friend anyone who friendsme , kind of a "I hear ya, good buddy" kind of thing, let them know I'm paying attention.

    • I marked a couple Friends back in the early days, but soon realised there are easily a thousand people here who I either read with interest or reply to regularly, and marking all my Friends was a hopeless proposition. So I just marked a few special cases and let it go at that.

      However, I consider all my Fans to be Friends, and whenever I get a new Fan (and I subbed here solely for the relationship-change notification), I make a point of looking them up, much like you do. Often this leads me to some interesti
  • I'm also rather concerned about the amount of time allowed for posting comments to journal entries. It seems to be about a week. Not very long.

    I was considering using Slashdot as my blog too, but with that kind of limitation, that won't work.

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