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Art up for the day

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  • If the Mekka has graced us with his presence. :)

    I'll check it out and report back.

    • Cool stuff, man. The Palace...dude...I didn't know that was still kickin' around. I used to troll around there sometimes. Now I just beat my head against the wall. :)

      The spatial art was funkadelic, man. Way cool stuff. The stack of pallats was very reminiscent of my work at Target circa:Saturday night. :) But the other stuff reminded me of Kachina dolls, in a way. High concept to be sure, but challenging, which I do like as a factor of the art that I observe.

      Tanks for teh linkeys.

      • But the other stuff reminded me of Kachina dolls,

        Absolutely. He's "First Nation" (what Canadians call Native Americans) so they are indeed just like native indian regalia. And made out of air jordans. Never mind the comment being made about the commercialization of native american culture and the fetishization of commodities to the point of worship; the prototypes are totally fucking k00l looking. They're not perfect; they're a hair away from being total fucking godhead, but they're really good. My a
  • I don't know how you are going to fit that giant whale skeleton thing into your house ;p

    BTW, you still available for lunchies in the Kentlands tomorrow? Your boy just cut his closing costs bank check and will do the business tomorrow 10-11am-ish.
    • I thought it was next friggin' week?! gottdamn fucking vancouver! I';m here till friday!

      ahh shit, man. I screwed the fucking pooch.

      /The cool thing about the whale skeleton is that its completely imagined; he started looking at pictures of whale bones and said "fuck this. These pictures suck. Okay, if I was god, THIS is how I'd build the fuckers. Ford tough. Errr, plastic chair tough."

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