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Journal the_REAL_sam's Journal: A VERY BRIEF account of the Gospel.

Specifics of the Gospel:
Around the time of 0 AD, The LORD was looking for someone to fill the role of "sacrificial lamb" for man kind. He looked over the entire earth and didn't find even ONE person who was pure enough to fill the role. So he sent his holy spirit to the womb of the virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ was conceived.

Christ lived for about 33 years; In the time he was on the earth he performed miracles such as: feeding 5000 people with a single basket of loaves and fishes, curing blindness, curing leprosy, curing those who couldn't walk, raising the dead, walking on water, transforming water into wine, casting out of demons and devils. He fulfilled every single prophecy of the messiah, and there WERE MANY prophecies of his arrival, some of them quite specific.

Christ was killed by means of Crucifixion: nailed to a cross and suspended from his nailed hands and feet; those who are crucified eventually die of asphyxiation. His body was laid into a tomb, and a heavy stone was rolled over the front; 3 days later Christ rose from the dead and spoke with his apostles. Then he ascended into heaven and sat at the right hand of the LORD, the Almighty, God the Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Moses.

The Holy Spirit (aka Holy Ghost) then entered the place in Jerusalem where the apostles were waiting. When the spirit arrived, They were conferred with the ability to speak any language or dialect, to heal others, to cast out demons and devils, to perform all kinds of miracles, etc. And that is how the Church was born.

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