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Journal ackthpt's Journal: Well, Dang! 1

Years ago I adopted the stance that "everyone has to be somewhere", when confronting a coincidence or chance meeting.

Robert Heinlein, an author I admired for a few of his works I read in high school, SIASL not among those, actually lived near where I do now. He and his wife had a house up Bonny Doon Road, near Santa Cruz, from 1967 to 1987. I've ridden past it countless times on my bicycle and never knew it. I suppose what's also an interesting coincidence is that as a member of the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club, I set up my telescope in a private airfield not far from that very house and marvel at the heavens not unlike I did his science fiction.

It's just kinda neat. That's all.

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Well, Dang!

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  • I read quite a bit of Heinlein back in the day myself. I always thought it was kind of ironic that someone who railed so vociferously about people living on the slopes of Vesuvius would live so close to the San Andreas Fault himself.

    I suppose his location explains about the waterbed. Heinlein actually came up with the idea for it in Stranger in a Strange Land and it seems that the company that made it into a commercial product, inspired by the book, sent him one for free. He never could set it up in his h

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